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About Cichlids

What are Cichlids?


Cichlids are a family of tropical fish in the aquarium hobby, most originating from South America and Africa.  Cichlids come in many colors and forms.  They do have fundamental intelligence and they care for their young.

What Are the Most Common Species of Cichlids?


From South America, the common forms of cichlids are angelfish, discus, Jack Dempsey, Frontosia, and many types of dwarf cichlids like the Ramarizi (pictured), to various species in the Apistogramma genus.

What Do Cichlids Eat?


 Cichlids eat most commericial prepared foods like staple flake foods (TetraMin) and pellet foods, freeze dried foods like brine shrimp, bloodworms and daphnia.  They also eat live foods like brine shrimp, grindal worms, and white worms, which are all small foods easily cultivated.



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